Viewer to Viewer

I am the viewer. I look to be excited by the art of the subject that draws me in. I seek out the astonishing, sense the peculiar, and appreciate the value in the moment.

I am the maker. I create the image - often abstract, develop artistic dimension, and catch what attracts me: patterns, texture, color.

You are the viewer. My goal is to fashion art that draws you in and excites you.

I am the artist. My goal is to provide you with collectible fine art prints that maintain enduring impact and value.


Born in Bozeman, Montana, I grew up on a cattle ranch in the Madison Valley exposed to the idyllic life of a cowboy kid learning to recognize the profoundness of the natural processes of life on the ranch while developing an eye for the beauty of the high mountain valley with the river running through it.

50 years ago I graduated from Stanford in International Relations and Spanish with a passion to travel and photograph the world.

In 1968 a trip to New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Russia, Europe and Morocco began my interest in travel photography. I crossed Russia on the Trans-Siberian train in March of 1969, in the midst of the Cold War, and it was cold, 40 below zero. My experience taking pictures behind the Iron Curtain almost resulted in me being sent to Siberia!

Joining forces with my Dad in Costa Rica in 1970 managing cattle ranches, I started seriously shooting black and white film, focused on nature, people and landscape.  I set up a dark room and began printing incessantly mostly to JJ Cale.  Influencers were Ansel Adams, Edward Westin, Dorothea Lange, and Minor White.  Number one son, Tucker, (now a photographer, see, was born there.

I moved back to the USA in 1975, to go to Vet school (and then return to Costa Rica), but long story short, wound up roughnecking in Wyoming on a land-drilling rig for 2 years.  The good news:  great photography opportunities (Tetons, Yellowstone Park, close to Jackson and home in Montana) and great character building (working in the winters in 20 below zero temperatures with 40 mph winds and 85 mile drives to the drilling location each way, living in Kemmerer – JC Penny’s first store).

Landing a job on a semi submersible drilling rig offshore Gulf of Alaska, God is great, (He had a plan) working 14 days on, 14 days off, I moved my family to Montana and spent most of my days off shooting mountains, landscapes, flowers, birds and abstract.  Eliot Porter, Galen Rowell, Mario Giacomelli, Man Ray and Marcel Duchamp all inspired me at that time.

Then I got really lucky.  After two years I was promoted to an operations job in Belem, Brazil, right at the mouth of the Amazon, since the rig was being transferred there.  So I spent a year working and capturing images in my free time of the mighty river, its tributaries, the surrounding villages and people, from Belem up to Manaus. 

I spent 1979 in Houston where son Julian, also a photographer, (see was born.  Being in Houston brought me in contact with the Menil, the Museum of Fine Arts, and photography classes at Rice.

On to Aberdeen, Scotland. We had 5 offshore rigs working as business was booming. I made great photographer friends and traveled around to capture the beauty of Scotland and its people.  Work took me (and my camera) also to Ireland, France, Norway, and Holland.  Offshore industrial photography was actually part of my job. It was during my two-year stay in the UK that I started a contractual relationship with Vision International, a stock agency based in London.  This led to the publication of many of my images.

From Aberdeen I was transferred to Madras, India for a year.  This was really very exotic, colorful and a major center for music, art and culture in India.  A trek to the Khumbu region in Nepal with son Tucker, then 9, was perhaps my photographic pinnacle, no pun intended, because of the unparalleled beauty of the Himalayas.

Madras to Bombay brought another year of indescribable human impact, very challenging work and travel through India (only through images is it really possible to describe). Local weddings, beach religious ceremonies, markets, streets scenes, wealth, poverty, hope, despair; I have captured them - the people, the moment, the character of India and am working them into a book project.

A transfer redirected me to Lafayette, Louisiana, which was also like a foreign assignment, but a pure joy.  It felt good being back in the USA, developing a new rapport with photographers, galleries.  Lots of travel in the US provided new shooting of landscape, people, festivals and more offshore industrial photography.

My speaking Spanish and rig experience provided an opportunity to live and work in Venezuela for 12 years managing 4 offshore rigs.   I married Janette, from Venezuela, son Ansel (also a photographer) and daughter Mia were born in Maracaibo. Again, travel, nature, landscape photography was my passion on my time off.

From 1997 to 2015 I held jobs in Houston with international responsibilities, allowing me to continue my passion for multicultural interactions and travel.

Most exciting have been my trips to the Africa, especially West and East Africa: Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania and Mozambique. The warmth of the people, the beauty of the coasts and landscape and the unique diversity of the animal life have overwhelmed me.  Currently I am developing portfolios for each country.

But I have also traveled extensively to and photographed in most of the countries in Europe, Mid and Far East.

Retiring in 2015, I am able to finally dedicate full time to my passion, which is international travel, nature and landscape photography, specializing in abstract, conceptual fine art.


Current Memberships:

Active Member of Professional Photographers of America (PPA) since April 1, 1999.

Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) since 2015.

Member of Texas Professional Photographers of America (TPPA) since 2015.

Member of Professional Photographers Guild of Houston (PPGH) since 2015.



2017 PPA International Photographic Competition (IPC):  03 out of 04 submittals were awarded a merit of excellence toward a PPA Master of Photography Certificate, one of which was nominated "Showcase".

Won 5 x First and Second Place Distinguished Image Awards in 2016-2018 and Best Illustrative/Scenic Award in 2016.